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Don’t buy these five common maternity and baby products, and do n’t spend money on them.

Release Time | 2020-04-27

In order to better nurture and nurture babies, mothers from time to time to find useful mother and baby supplies.
However, many maternity and baby products on the market are not only unhelpful to children, but harmful.
Today, we have listed 5 types of maternal and infant products that cost the most money, and warn everyone to avoid IQ taxes!
Prolactin Artifact
Letting your baby eat nutritious breast milk is the biggest concern for new mothers.
However, the lack of breast milk makes mothers feel anxious, and dads are even more anxious in their eyes.
As a result, mothers started the road of chasing milk, looking for various methods of prolactin, and online sales of prolactin artifacts with the slogan "Recommended by a Chinese prolactin dietitian, recommended by a gold medal Yuesao, and only a few days to increase milk" were high.
In fact, these two practical methods of breastfeeding are:
? Feed more milk. The process of sucking can promote the secretion of prolactin by mother, and prolactin can promote the synthesis and secretion of milk. Therefore, as long as the baby wants to eat, it should be fed.
• Maintain a good mood. When moms relax, the parasympathetic nerves that control visceral activity are relatively excited, which can promote milk secretion.
Prenatal education equipment
In order to let their babies win at the starting line, many parents bought prenatal education equipment,
Prenatal education has been carried out since pregnancy, so the babies were forced to listen to countless music, stories, and soul chicken soup through their belly ...
You think your baby is enjoying art immersion,
However, the baby's heart is:
Excessive and excessive stimulation will affect the normal sleep time of the fetus. The pregnant mother maintains a good physical and mental state. Talking to the child in moderation is the best prenatal education.
Leggings for infants
The vast majority of children will switch back and forth between O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs and straight legs during infants and young children. This is the normal development of the baby, and parents do not need to be too anxious.
If you give your baby leggings, not only can you not straighten the legs, but also easily cause soft tissue damage to the baby's tender skin, and even affect bone and joint development, causing hip dysplasia.
If you find that your child has the following conditions, you should go to the hospital directly to check the cause:
Asymmetrical lower extremities, such as different lengths, different thicknesses, and different bending ranges;
O-legs are still getting worse after 2 years old, or X-legs after 8 years old;
The lower limbs are particularly flexed, or shorter than children of the same age.
Pregnant women radiation protection suit
Somehow, when pregnant mothers "talk about radiation color change",
Wearing radiation protection suits has become a must for pregnant mothers. The radiation protection suits on the market range from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.
In fact, the low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc. that are touched in daily life are non-ionizing radiation, which does not harm mothers and babies.
The X-rays and CTs in the hospital, which are harmful to human body, can't be shielded by radiation protection suits for pregnant women.
In short, harmful prevention is impossible, and harmless prevention is not necessary.
Baby walker
In order to help the baby learn to walk, parents will use the walker for the baby early,
Some parents put their children in the car and went to the office by themselves.
However, the walker not only can not help children learn to walk, but also has huge safety hazards. In the walker, the child's weight is concentrated on the hips, and the footsteps are not hard, just like "walking" on tiptoe.
This will not only prevent you from walking, but also affect your child's leg strength development. Moreover, since the walker's movement speed is much faster than the child's own climbing, even if the parent is present, it may be dangerous. There have been child safety accidents such as falling down the stairs, burns, drowning and the like caused by the walker.
This kind of tasteless and dangerous product, parents and moms still don't waste money.