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The 11th CMTF came to a successful conclusion, the next stop in Chengdu!

Release Time | 2019-04-25

On April 20th, the 11th Zhenghe International Medical Tourism (Shanghai) Exhibition (CMTF) ended successfully at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The International Medical Tourism Exhibition aims to create a platform for patients/viewers to seamlessly connect with quality medical institutions overseas. At the 11th Shanghai Exhibition, the exhibition included Assisted Reproduction, Precision Physical Examination, Critical Care, Medical Plastic Surgery, Stem Cell Therapy, Anti-Aging, Health Rehabilitation and Customized Tourism. The exhibition area was 15,000 square meters. 250 internationally renowned medical institutions/hospitals from 32 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and nearly 15,000 patients/viewers were interviewed, which was a complete success!

The success of Shanghai Exhibition is not only reflected in the increase in its scale, but also in the number of participants. It is also reflected in the evaluation of the exhibition by exhibitors and visitors. According to the survey, 91.2% of the audience are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall performance of CMTF Shanghai Exhibition, and 83.4% of the exhibitors are willing to recommend CMTF to colleagues and industry, and 95% of the audience have a better understanding of the special medical tourism projects of various countries. Most viewers get contact information from exhibitors and are willing to choose this medical institution as a service point for overseas medical trips. It is the embodiment of CMTF's mission to effectively connect patients/viewers with foreign first-class medical tourism institutions. In the course of the 11th exhibition, CMTF always maintains the original intention of “leading the people to go abroad for worry-free medical treatment”, and introduces overseas first-class and reliable medical institutions to China, so that the people can consult overseas medical care without going abroad.

The successful conclusion of the Shanghai Exhibition does not mean that our journey will end. The 12th CMTF Chengdu Exhibition will be held in Chengdu·West China International Expo City from July 5th to 7th.

The organizers of CMTF said that the reason why Chengdu was chosen as an overseas medical institution to open the western China market is because Chengdu is the most typical city in the west, with huge consumption power, advanced consumption concepts and more willingness to pay for knowledge and health. Last year, Chengdu had a resident population of 16.33 million, with a GDP of 1,543.277 billion yuan, and its per capita spending power was extremely strong. The highest customer price for medical and beauty consumption is over 110,000 yuan/person, and the consumption of some projects even exceeds that of Beishangguang! "Medical Beauty" has become a new business card in Chengdu. Chengdu people also have strong acceptance of medical tourism. Zhenghe International Medical Tourism Exhibition takes advantage of the trend. In addition to the introduction of medical beauty projects, it will also provide advanced medical tourism such as assisted reproduction, precision physical examination, intensive care, genetic testing, stem cell therapy, fresh cell anti-aging, health care and overseas pension. The project was introduced to Chengdu.

Every year, many tourists come to the United States to treat severe diseases, do sophisticated medical examinations in Japan, go to Korea for cosmetic surgery, go to Germany and Switzerland for anti-aging surgery, and do assisted reproductive treatment in other countries. · This CMTF is held in Chengdu It can help Chengdu to connect with advanced medical tourism institutions abroad, help Chengdu people find more suitable medical projects and trustworthy medical tourism institutions, radiate the audience in the western region, and highlight the economic and social benefits of Zhenghe International Medical Tourism Exhibition. .