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The 11th CMTF was grandly opened, and the overseas green channel for medical treatment was built!

Release Time | 2019-04-19

April 18-20, 2019, jointly organized by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and the World Medical Tourism Industry Alliance - the 11th China International Medical Tourism (Shanghai) Exhibition (CMTF) and the "Belt and Road" International The Medical Tourism and Health Industry Conference was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center!

The scale of the exhibition continues to expand, and the number of visitors has reached a new high.

The exhibition included projects such as assisted reproduction, precision physical examination, intensive care, stem cell therapy, anti-aging, medical plastic surgery, health care and customized tourism. In the past ten years of accumulation, CMTF has attracted more than 950 world-renowned hospitals and medical tourism institutions from more than 38 countries and regions to attend the exhibition. A total of 110,000 people have been interviewed. This year's Shanghai exhibition, exhibitors and audiences reached new heights: 250 medical institutions in nearly 32 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China attended the exhibition. The audience is as high as 15,000. The scene of the exhibition was crowded and the atmosphere was warm, causing many media to report.

 Hundreds of exhibitors compete in the same field, seamlessly connecting the audience with personalized medical travel needs

Such as Taiwan's Maosheng Hospital, Hongqi Maternal and Child, 羲大, Anfa Anti-Aging Preventive Medicine Group, Thailand's Superior ART, Jetanin HospiTAL, Inspire IVF, Stem Cells 21, Korea MizMedi Women and Children Hospital, US HRC and RSMC, Russia ART-IVF Hundreds of internationally renowned medical institutions such as Ukrainian Baby, Italy's leading hospital group, German Living Cell Therapy Center, Japan's Aoki Hospital, JMT, and Japan International Medical Center attended the exhibition to provide free answers to the audience. (Test tube baby), genetic testing, precision physical examination, medical beauty, anti-aging, recuperation and other health issues, customized and personalized personalized medical travel program.

The audience commented: "You can learn about the special medical services in so many countries at an exhibition, and there are many medical institutions that can choose them. It feels very convenient. Although you can check them online, you can still see them on your own."

The forum was brilliant and the exchange of famous people promoted the development of the industry.

During the exhibition, the “One Belt, One Road” International Medical Tourism and Health Industry Conference and other events were held concurrently. More than 500 elite experts from Chinese and foreign medical institutions, government leaders, industry scholars and investment experts gathered together. These include: Ma Jieshi, Senior Genetic Scientist, Superior ART Center, Thailand, Chief Test-Infant, AVA-Peter, Russia, Alpha International Fertility Center, Dr. Li Shunshu, Dr. Li Junyi, Maternal Hospital of Taiwan, China, and the highest technology of Japan Cell Therapy Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. The responsible person, Dr. Sakuma Sakae, and BDMS Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Group attended the event.
Focus on the world, to understand the spindle identification technology, pre-male fetal gene detection, IVF mitochondrial replacement technology, stem cell therapy in the reproductive system and test tube treatment, cancer fusion cell therapy and comprehensive treatment and immunotherapy, fourth In vitro test tube baby treatment - egg stem cell test tube baby technology, China, Japan and South Korea and other advanced medical technology

 Experts attending the meeting said: "There are so many experts in the medical industry from all over the world. Although sometimes the language is unreasonable, they are still very excited, because they can not only learn about the special medical care of other countries, but also learn from each other and improve themselves."

The medical travel market has broad prospects, and the scale of the exhibition and the exhibition projects will expand again.

In 2019, it was a year of rapid development of medical tourism in China. According to the forecast of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the number of overseas medical treatments in China will reach 830,000 in 2018, and it will gradually increase in recent years. From the initial “rich class” to the elite and white-collar workers, this means More and more Chinese are willing to pay for medical tourism, a new model of this kind of tourism.

The organizer of China International Medical Tourism Exhibition stated that the purpose of the Medical Tourism Exhibition is to successfully connect patients in need with international quality medical institutions and lead the nationals to seek medical care without worry. In order to expand the influence of the exhibition platform, the convenience of such doctors and patients will benefit more people in the region. In August this year, the organizer will add a new Shenzhen exhibition, hoping to reach the audience in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Medical institutions, patients (viewers) and platforms have a win-win situation.

It is reported that the next exhibition will be held in Chengdu·West China International Expo City from July 5th to 7th.