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Manufacturers of postpartum repair equipment:
Disc bottom rehabilitation therapy instrument, postpartum rehabilitation therapy instrument, breast milk analyzer, disc bottom repair device, disc bottom muscle therapy probe, etc.

National chain nursing service institutions:

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Pediatric Hospital / Clinic, Non-invasive Prenatal Gene Testing Organization, Maternal and Infant Gene Testing Organization, Confinement Center, Postpartum Restoration Center, Medical Aesthetic Institution
Pediatric massage, early education center, pregnant mother yoga institution, genetic testing, etc.

Maternal and child health care products:

Nursing products during pregnancy, breast health care, breast patch, private care, maternal and child health care products, functional diapers for infants and young children, herbal skin care products, etc.

Maternal and infant nutrition health food:

Maternal and child health nutrition products, healthy snacks, complementary foods, confinement meals, bird's nest, etc.

Technical service providers:

Yuezi Club Professional Management System, Housekeeping Service Management System, Postpartum Restoration Center Management System, Trailing Center Management System, etc.

Talent training institutions:

Yuesao, baby nurse, nursing staff, nutritionist, prolactin, postpartum recovery teacher, etc.